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05/21/2023Samuel Gonzales The Power of Purpose (2023-05-21 The Power of Purpose.mp4)
Sunday Morning Service John 4:23-24
2023-05-21 The Power of Purpose.mp4
05/07/2023Samuel Gonzales Am I Doing What God Intends for Me to Do? (2023-05-07 Am I Doing What God Intends for Me to Do_.mp4)
Sunday Morning Service Matthew 25:14-18
2023-05-07 Am I Doing What God Intends for Me to Do_.mp4
04/30/2023Samuel Gonzales Pride Comes Before The Fall (2023-04-30 Pride Comes Before The Fall - 1682895855370.mp4)
Proverbs 16:18
Nebuchadnezzar Dream of A Great Tree
2023-04-30 Pride Comes Before The Fall - 1682895855370.mp4
04/16/2023Samuel Gonzales Take A Stand (2023-04-16 Take A Stand.mp4)
Sunday Morning Service Judges 6:1
Chapter 6- 7
2023-04-16 Take A Stand.mp4
04/09/2023Samuel Gonzales Presenting The Lamb of God (2023-04-02 Presenting The Lamb of God.mp4)
Sunday Morning Service John 1:29; Matt. 21
Palm Sunday
2023-04-02 Presenting The Lamb of God.mp4
03/26/2023Samuel Gonzales When God Intervenes (2023-03-26 When God Intervenes.mp4)
Sunday Morning Service Romans 8:28
2023-03-26 When God Intervenes.mp4 Download 2023-03-26 When God Intervenes.mp4

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